Who We Are

Quality Solar, Superb Craftsmanship, Local Roots

Our Story

HNU Energy, a Maui-based complete energy solution provider and engineering firm, offers renewable energy generation, energy storage, and high-efficiency lighting products for all types of residential and commercial customers. A leader in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Construction, Structural Engineering, and Renewable Energy Systems, HNU Energy develops and deploys innovative technology to build efficient, eco-friendly homes, businesses, utilities, and communities in Hawaii and around the world. We are proud to call Maui our home. The company name derives from the formula defining the energy contained in one photon of light: each photon possesses energy equal to Planck’s constant (h) multiplied by its frequency ν (a Greek letter nu pronounced “new”). In plain English HNU is the ENERGY of LIGHT!

Our Mission

We are the only Maui company that makes our own Patented batteries. Our batteries are designed and made in Hawai'i for Hawai'i. HNU Energy is locally owned and has been serving Maui for over a decade. We believe that green energy is the future and there is a better way to power our homes. After several patents, 12+ years in the industry, HNU Energy is a proven high quality contractor in the energy market. 

Savings & Simplicity

Maui Electric Prices continue to rise and skyrocket! With a Solar PV system, you can significantly cut your electric bill down. You will see instant savings once the system is powered on. 

HNU Energy makes going solar very simple. We take care of the scheduling, permits, and anything else that needs to be done. We are your one stop shop for going solar.