Go Solar with $0 Down Financing

Go Solar, Save Money, Go Green

Why switch to solar?

High Electric Bill?

Paying for that huge electric bill monthly can be painful! It's the gift that keeps on taking.

Pay that Same Monthly Payment Towards Your OWN Solar System

With HNU Energy's Solar program, you pay the same (or less) amount towards your personalized Solar PV system instead of paying MECO! You are basically "paying yourself".

Solar System Pays For Itself

Once your solar system is paid off, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

How does the process work?

Design & Consultation

  • Fill out our contact form and send us your electric bill. We call you to schedule an appointment!


  • Our engineers work hard to provide excellent designs that are easily understood. The #1 priority of this stage is to educate our customers to insure they understand their options and make the best decision possible.

Sign Proposal

  • HNU Energy takes all the hassle out of the permitting process.

  • We handle all permitting from A – Z and make sure the process is seamless for you.


  • MECO proposal & County permitting


  • Installation is one of the most exciting parts of the solar process.

  • HNU Energy is dedicated to providing you with the best & easiest experience possible.

  • The high quality engineering translates into superb craftsmanship.

Start Saving!!!

  • Are you ready to start saving?! Have any questions?

  • Fill out our PROPOSAL FORM and we call you to schedule an appointment! You can also send us your electric bill to speed up the process.



10.54 kW-DC PV system tied to 27.65 kWh DC Coupled HIVE battery tied together by Sol-Ark 8k Hybrid inverter

       This PV/Battery system was designed for maximizing self consumption and minimizing grid-buy at this Kula residence. The large PV and battery capacity was designed to designed to power a 10-circuit critical load panel during a grid outage for a sustained period of time, making it highly resilient and reliable for the customer. Given that the home was a recently built non-standard upscale residence in Upper Kula, the customer was particular about aesthetics of the PV/Battery system specifically dealing with conduit and equipment placement within the home. HNU worked diligently with the customer and builder to ensure every piece of equipment was installed at the sole discretion and approval of customer.