Previous Projects

UH Maui College Ground Mount System



3 GWh

generated per year



 UHMC's ground mount system is now the newest and 3rd largest on Maui with 3360 Sunpower 470W modules, 1.58MWh. With the addition of this PV system UHMC will be going net zero as a campus. The precast concrete bases are designed and manufactured on Maui by HNU. This installation features Sunpower's high efficiency PV panels and HNU's custom SCADA product just like UHMC's carport system.

UH Maui College Carport



1 GWh

generated per year



Between 2013 and 2015, HNU Energy designed and built the largest PV system on Maui at the University of Hawaii Maui College. Each of the carport structures is over a football field long and collectively the PV panels cover over an acre of space. The precast concrete structures are designed and manufactured on Maui by HNU. A custom-built inverter building, the precast structural members, plus all marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel components ensure longevity in this highly corrosive environment. This installation features high efficiency Sunpower PV panels and HNU's custom SCADA product.

University of Hawai'i Moloka'i



119.2 MWh

generated per year



A 65 kW grid-tied system that HNU installed at Molokai Education Center. A big part of the project was to provide 30 hours of field training to 5 MEC interns. The interns were trained to self-perform the installation of solar racking equipment, DC wiring, modules, inverter, etc. under direct supervision of a qualified HNU team. In parallel, the interns obtained 15 hours of classroom training to learn about common industry practices involved in moving a typical solar PV project from project development to commissioning, under current market and policy landscape. The project was ahead of schedule thanks to the quick learning capabilities, aptitude and hard work of all interns and crew involved.

Wailea Beach Resort-Marriott



662 MWh

generated per year



Another challenging project consisting of two separate electrical tie in points but linked together by one SCADA system. The first renewable energy project for Sunstone Hotels. Wailea Beach Resort-Marriott has 1233 Modules that produces 662 MWh per year!  

Hyatt Regency Maui



1115 MWh

generated per year



HNU Energy designed, installed and commissioned over 1MW of PV for HOST hotels properties on Maui. The Hyatt Regency Kaanapali, as a LEED Silver certified property, partnered with HNU Energy to maximize the energy production of available roof space. The installation featured high efficiency Sunpower PV panels and HNU's custom SCADA product.

VIP Foodservice



166 MWh

generated per year



HNU Energy installed a 462 kW solar PV system at VIP Foodservice’s warehouse on Maui, complete with HiVE battery storage. VIP Foodservice understands business needs for consistent ingredients, provided by the nationally branded suppliers its customers have come to know and trust. Supplier relationships are important to VIP, and it actively develops new sources to procure the right ingredients for customer menus. In addition to products, VIP helps with menu ideas, trends, industry news, training, food safety resources and marketing support.  VIP helps customers utilize supplier coupons and rebates, bringing additional savings.


Fairmont Kea Lani



1127 MWh

generated per year



 HNU Energy designed, installed and commissioned over 1MW of PV for HOST hotels properties on Maui in two separate phases. The Fairmont Kea Lani resort partnered with HNU Energy to maximize the energy production of available roof space. The installation featured high efficiency Sunpower PV panels and HNU's custom SCADA product.

Federal Credit Union



117 MWh

generated per year



HNU Energy completed yet another signature PV carport project. The Maui County Federal Credit Union project features HNU's own engineered and manufactured precast carport product, high efficiency Sunpower PV panels, a dual Level 2 EV changing station, and LED lighting. HNU continues to raise the bar for aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency.


Auwahi Windfarm BESS

9 x 55'


11 MW

Battery Capacity


Ton Crane

HNU Energy played a key part in the construction of the Auwahi windfarm in Ulupalakua by installing 11MW of Lithium batteries, the associated transformers, switchgear, fiber optics, and substantial electrical network. Key to undertaking this challenging project was navigating the rugged site conditions located 2 miles down a dirt road. HNU orchestrated the mobilization and delivery of the largest mobile crane in the State to this remote site.

Since 2007, HNU Energy has designed, constructed, and installed megawatts of Renewable Energy Projects throughout Hawaii and the Pacific Rim

  • Auwahi Wind Farm BESS 11,000kW
  • Roman Catholic Churches of Hawaii 1,200kW
  • Wailea Substation BESS 1,000kW
  • Kihei Substation BESS 1,000kW
  • University of Hawaii -Maui Carports 750kW
  • Hyatt Regency 600kW
  • University of Hawaii –Hilo 533kW
  • Kealani Resort 500kW
  • Maui Supercomputing Center 500kW
  • GRMC (active) 450kW
  • Ulumalu Feed In Tariff Solar Farm 424kW
  • Ka’anapali Beach Hotel 362kW
  • Maui Banyan Resort & Condominiums 300kW
  • Kaanapali Alii Hotel 285kW
  • Hale Makua 260kW
  • Palama Meat 236kW
  • Kings Cathedral Church and Chapel 231 kW
  • Kamaole Sands 280kW
  • EAN Kona 225kW
  • Premier Place Office Building 221kW 
  • Hope Chapel 200kW 
  • Maui Kaanapali Villas 200kW 
  • Hilo Lagoon Center 183kW 
  • Eskimo Candy Maui 180kW 
  • Park Plaza 170kW 
  • Ho’onee St. Warehouse 168kW 
  • Kihei Akahi Resort & Condominiums 160kW 
  • Kauhale Makai Resort 160kW 
  • Polo Beach Club 157kW 
  • Paki Maui Resort 143kW 
  • Hale Kahakai Resort & Condominiums 123kW 
  • Pi’ilani Villages Shopping Center 120kW 
  • University of Guam 120kW 
  • Island Sands Resort & Condominiums 118kW 
  • Kihei Surfside Resort & Condominiums 110kW 
  • Fairway Shops at Ka’anapali 110kW 
  • Maui Food Bank 101kW 
  • Eskimo Candy Kauai 100kW
  • VIP Food Service 462kW