HiVE Batteries are Manufactured & Built in Hawai'i for Hawai'i

The "Next Level" Solar-Integrated Battery System that is Scalable, Sustainable and Cost-Effective.

HiVE 2045

Hawaii's State Mandate to reach 100% green renewable energy by 2045

  • HiVE Energy Systems, LLC (“HiVE”) is a Delaware based company that develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and installs large-format, lithium-iron energy storage systems for use in residential, industrial, electric utility, smart grid and military applications.
  • HiVE Energy Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hawaii based HNU Energy (“HNU”), a vertically-integrated company that focuses on renewable energy generation, energy storage, smart grid technologies and high- efficiency lighting products for commercial and government users.
  • HiVE brings in the full range of high density, Lithium Ion Phosphate based storage system that is ideally suited for industrial grade applications. It enhances the use of solar energy by making the power available even during hours of darkness.
  • Hive’s unique Battery Management System ensures that the power is stored in most efficient manner and distributed according to the assigned preferences of its type and time of use. This extraordinary feature helps the owner to prioritize the power usage and also ensures that minimum conventional grid power is consumed by the connected loads.
  • No Competitors in the market today are able to integrate systems technology as well as HiVE. In fact, HiVE currently outperforms similar batteries in every performance metric.
  • HiVE: Large format energy storage systems for use in a wide range of residential, industrial, smart grid, and military applications. Technologies driving renewable energy generation have advanced at a tremendous pace over the past decade but safe, economical, environmentally-friendly storage systems have not. The key to high grid penetration of renewable energy sources will be HiVE—a cost effective, reliable, environmentally-friendly, scalable battery technology. 
  • HiVE is a fully-integrated, high-voltage battery management platform compatible with many conventional inverters on the market. The solar array is connected to the battery module via HiVE’s proprietary Multi-Mode Adaptive Power Technology (MAP) that eliminates the need for a battery charge controller. As designed, HiVE’s flexibility allows it to accommodate alternative battery chemistries as they evolve. 
  • HiVE is an integrated, high performance energy storage solution designed from the ground up to work with any conventional solar system. HiVE’s innovative adaptive technology can be scaled for a wide range of residential, industrial, smart grid, and military applications, big or small.

Why Choose HiVE Batteries?

Specific Advantages of HiVE

  • Customers retain all the energy generated via on-site solar
  • Directly coupled with solar panels through a unique HiVE  subsystem
  • BMS controls charge state rather than via external charger
  • Compatible with many leading inverters
  • Directly couples to inverter using a pre-charge circuit 
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly lithium iron phosphate
  • Less wiring lowers installation costs
  • Incorporates innovative cell tray design 

Performance Benefits of HiVE

  • HiVE’s BMS controls solid-state electronics that can be switched under partial or full load thus ensuring the longevity of the system.
  • HiVE provides quick response power at rates up to 2C.
  • Users are not exposed to dangerous high voltage.
  • Outperforms all other available chemistries and lower voltage batteries in every performance metric.
  • Unique string level isolation provides superior electrical safety by lowering nominal voltage from 400-1000V to less than 52V for servicing


10.54 kW-DC PV system tied to 27.65 kWh DC Coupled HIVE battery tied together by Sol-Ark 8k Hybrid inverter

       This PV/Battery system was designed for maximizing self consumption and minimizing grid-buy at this Kula residence. The large PV and battery capacity was designed to designed to power a 10-circuit critical load panel during a grid outage for a sustained period of time, making it highly resilient and reliable for the customer. Given that the home was a recently built non-standard upscale residence in Upper Kula, the customer was particular about aesthetics of the PV/Battery system specifically dealing with conduit and equipment placement within the home. HNU worked diligently with the customer and builder to ensure every piece of equipment was installed at the sole discretion and approval of customer.