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Comprehensive range of solar energy services, from design to construction.


Expertise in PV systems, efficiency renovations, LED lighting, and smart grid technology.


Experience in electrical and general contracting, concrete structures, and battery storage.


Focus on research and development to bring the latest technology to clients.

Why Choose Us

Unmatched engineering expertise, exceptional workmanship, and dedication to supporting the local community.

Qualified Expert

Backed by a team of highly skilled engineers and experienced solar industry professionals, our qualified experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional solar solutions tailored to your unique needs

Workmanship Quality

With an unwavering commitment to workmanship excellence, we ensure top-notch quality in every aspect of our solar installations, delivering lasting and reliable solutions.

Quality Professionals

As trusted local experts with over 15 years of experience, we take pride in delivering superior quality solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

“I’ve known Dan, the owner of HNu Energy, for 18 years now. We actually started working together selling lighting products, so I already knew he was a very dedicated and knowledgeable guy. HNu Energy is a family business with a solid reputation. Their dedication has been recognized with a Maui County APEC award, and they have even worked with prestigious organizations like NASA and the US Military.

When I decided to check out solar options for my home, I got three offers on the table. But let me tell you, HNu blew the competition away! The other offers couldn’t match the flexibility and choices that Dan’s company brought to the table, especially with their awesome Franklin battery option. So, naturally, I went with HNu Energy.

What sets HNu apart is its engineering-based approach compared to other companies that are primarily focused on sales. This distinction ensured that I not only got the best price but also the highest quality of service. I had had a disappointing experience with another company previously that had installed solar panels on top of cracked tiles without letting me know. This negative encounter made me appreciate the educational and hands-on approach of HNu Energy even more. During the installation process, the team went above and beyond, even fixing broken tiles and repairing a damaged gutter. They not only installed the system but also took the time to educate me about how it works. These additional services were unexpected but greatly appreciated and are a testament to their integrity. I could not recommend these guys enough! Go green, go HNu!”

I had a great experience with HNu Energy! They were able to create a system custom to my house and energy consumption.
John Allison
HNu Energy were fantastic! They were able to answer all of my questions and educate me so I understand my PV system and know I made the right choice.
Alicia Potter
Couldn't recommend them enough! They made the whole process simple and streamlined.
Edward B. Suarez

Awards & Achievements

HNu Energy won an APEC award in 2011 for producing sustainably-derived clean energy that doesn’t harm the environment. Their commitment to environmental sustainability mirrors Maui County’s renewable energy efforts. They excel at preserving and managing energy resources with care. This award recognizes their dedication to promoting environmental sustainability and inspiring others to do the same.

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